Way to find best Vaatu Consultants in India

Update by - Admin on May 14, 2018

Perfect Home Healers is a Prediction-Oriented Unique and Scientific Vastu Solution that is based on Family Head’s Date of Birth, Gender and the house.
The head of the family possesses four favorable directions and four unfavorable directions. So do the family members. As per Vastu science the diagnostics for issues in the house is based on the head of the family, family members’ details and the elements present in the house.
The Vastu Experts at Saral Vaastu will draw the floor plan and predict the issues. After the issues are predicted and confirmed with the family, our Vastu Expert provides a full Vastu Consultation with remedy solutions to the issues.
"Purpose of following Discipline of Vastu Shastra in a building is to activate divinity of enclosed space Called Vastu Purusha, Bestower of Health, Wealth, Peace and Happiness, otherwise called Vastu Dosha." 
Right thing at right place gives balance required for positive and productive environment. Pain areas of life are visible as imbalance of respective directions. Imbalance of a direction is the root cause of pain and problem in related area of life with that direction. Imbalances are due to placement of activities, appliances, decorative and colors in inappropriate directions. 
25 years of Intensive research done by Ar. Pallav Sengupta gives understanding about powers of 16 directions and different quality each direction have e.g. Spirituality , Health, Happiness, Social Connectivity, Thinking, Money, Power, Peace, Expanses, Bonding, Study, Gains, Depression, Divine Help, Pleasures, Treasures etc. 
Utilizing powers of 16 directions is what MahaVastu is all about. 
MahaVastu follows systematic diagnosis method to get clarity on Vastu related root cause of pain in each area of life. This diagnosis leads toward treatment procedure called Vastu PanchKarma for balancing 16 Directions and 5 Elements in the building. Perfecthomehealers Consultant decides the treatment procedure which generally includes correcting entrance, treating activities, rooms and toilets, placing right objects at right place, creating energy fields of Vastu Purush Mandal and controlling planetary effects etc.