Pallav Sengupta

Ar. Pallav Sengupta
Founder & Director

Architect By Profession
Vaastu & Pyravaastu Expert
One Of The First International Reiki Master In India With Gold Seal Certificate, Recognized By Dr. Mikao Usui Association, Japan


He With a vision of helping people , is now working on a special project PEACE GURANTEED , a complete solution to heal lifestyle diseases like sugar , blood pressure , tensions ,fear phobias and even psychic issues naturally without drug scientifically.


ife Is A Challenge! Sustaining Relationships, Developing Career, Maintaining Health & Experiencing Internal Tranquility Have Become Increasingly Difficult. Deadlines, Commitments & Obligations Have Created A Lot Of Stress, The Word Use To Be Purely A Engineering Term. It Dealt With How Much Pressure & Tensile Forces A Piece Of Metal Could Bear Without Deforming. Today It Is Also A Medical Term, Referring To The Affect Of The Human Body Of Things Such As Work Pressure, Pollution, Financial Strain, Fear, Ego Image; Interviews Etc.Which Resulted In Disease, Low Output Phobias. In This Devastating Tragedy, A Man Lost Everything He Had –His Family, Friend, Health Wealth, His Status Happiness. This Stress Epidemic Is Not Bacterial, Viral& Physical. This Resulted In Raised B.P. Blockages & Pains – All Symptomatic On Physical Plane Control Of These Symptoms Is Possible But That Is Not Cure. For Complete Cure We Have To Work On Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Plane Simultaneously.
Currently There Is A Great Interest Among The People Toward The Spiritual & Holistic Sciences. Today The Young & Old, Male & Female Alike, Crave Guidance, Wisdom & Insight. The Thirst To Know Answers To Questions Like “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?” “Can I Change My Fate?” “How Can I Take Charge Of My Life?” Being An Architect & A Very Detailed Oriented Person, He Was Always In Search Of Something Very Obvious. In This Pursuit He Found Reiki (A Energy Healing Method), Vaastu (Science Of Orientation) & Pyravaastu (Creating Balance & Harmony At Core Level Without Demolition) On The Way. He Was Mesmerized By The Depth & Purity Of The Subject. After Doing Extensive Studies, Research & Applying It Practically For Approx. 23 Years, He Got Associated With The Authority In The Respected Fields. While Pursuing Advance Study In Vaastu, Pyravaastu & Reiki, A Thought Of Applying These Principles In Real Life With People Hit Him & This Resulted In Founding A Service Organization Called PERFECT HOME HEALERS.™

He Believes

He is now mentor of thousands ,speaker, and helping people to attain inner peace through his work shop named COSMIC REI.

  • Architecture-B. Arch From Govt College Of Architecture, Lucknow
  • Vastu-Vastu Shastri From Destiny Sscience, New Delhi
  • PYRAVASTU-PyraVastu Expert Through The Originator, Dr. Jiten Bhatt
  • REIKI-Mastership/Teacher Course Through Reiki Healing Foundation With Grand Masters Dr. NK Sharma & Savita Sharma
    Lineage1Mastership Through Dr Antino Moraga, President Spanish Reiki Alliance
  • LAMAFERA-Through Dr Sk.Saini,Originator Of Lamafera And Founder Gurudham
  • One Of The 1st International Reiki Mastership In India With Goal Seal Certificate, Recognized By Mikao Usui Association ,JAPAN
  • Noble Son Of India Award For Out Standing Contribution In Allied Fields
  • Mother Teresa Excellence Award
  • Rashtra Pratibha Puraskar” For Excellent Performance And Outstanding Achievement In The Chose Field Of Activity By Integrated Council For Socio-Economic Progress.
  • Reiki Mastership By R.H.F. (DELHI)
  • Merit Certificate By Directorate Of Field Publicity, Ministry Of Information, Govt. Of India
  • Vikas Shiromani” And “Gold Medal” In The Field Of Architecture By Institute Of Economic Studies.
  • Karuna Reiki Mastership By Reiki Healing Foundation
  • Aura Workshop By Dr. Dhara Bhatt
  • Letter Of Appreciation By Art India Ludhiana
  • Awarded From Governor Of Punjab By Deptt.Of Business Management,P.A.U. Ldh.
  • Certified Pyravaastu Expert From Originator Dr. Jiten Bhatt
  • Certified Vaastu Expert From Destiny Sscience , New Delhi
Press and Media Coverage
  • Regular Write-Up In Magazine “Times Net”
  • Delivered Live Programs In KALCHAKARA A Reputed Programme In “Z-JAGRAN”.
  • Write-Up`S In CITYMANTRA, Newspaper In N.C.R
  • Write-Ups In IMPRESSIVE TIMES, Newspaper In N.C.R.
  • Interview On Radio Channel RADIOMANAVRACHNA- 108.7