It was unbelievable to see that doctors removed the oxygen pipe of my daughter in 3 days

My name is Disha Kumar and I came to know about Perfect Home Healers in November 2013, when I was blessed with my 2nd daughter who was pre mature weighed only 900 gms and was in in 7th month. Doctor said that my daughter might not survive for more than 10 days and if incase she survives will spend atleast 3 months in NICU on ventilator with daily expense of around 18000 – 20000 per day. Me & my husband, we belong to a middle class family and didn’t had that much of money. At that time one of my friend told me about Mr. Pallav Sengupta who is the 1st international Reiki Master in India and she told me about Reiki healings. We then contacted Mr. Pallav Sengupta and after speaking to him he started with distant healings of my daughter. It was unbelievable to see that doctors removed the oxygen pipe of my daughter in 3 days and on 9th day she was out of the ventilator. Even doctors were shocked to see such kind of recovery. 21st day doctors discharged our daughter and we bought her to home. The healings did work, we had full faith and trusted. We really thank Mr. Pallav Sengupta for the same. It is only because of him, Our daughter is fine
Disha Kumar

Mr. Sengupta gave me few healing sessions and I actually started coming out of depression

I met Mr. Pallav Sengupta in February 2012 when I was going through the toughest phase of my life. I was in a state of depression and had tremendous problems in my professional life. It was a co-incidence that I met him in Faridabad and I don’t what happened when I met him I shared every problem of mine as if I knew him since long back. Till that time I had no information about Reiki Healings. Mr. Sengupta gave me few healing sessions and I actually started coming out of depression and even my professional life improved. With his counseling’s and healings my approach towards life changed and I became an independent person. I really thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Vishal Kumar, 9818166710


Reiki Is The Best Thing I Have Done In My Life. It Has Changed My Life. It Is Totally An Inexplicable Experience. I Feel Extremely Confident, Positive And Full Of Energy All The Time. When People Approach Me And Ask For Reiki Healing, It Really Feels Very Good That I Have Something With Which I Can Serve The Ailing And The Sick. Our Guru Pallav Sengupta Teach Reiki With Such Love, Care & Devotion That One Wants To Stay With Him Forever. PERFECT HOME HEALERS Is The Best Institute To Learn Reiki
Vinod Sharma, 9910949286


Reiki From PERFECT HOME HEALERS Has Changed My Life Completely. I Feel Enlightened And My Consciousness Has Been Raised To Enormous Heights. I Now Feel Extremely Confident And Energetic. I Have Benefited On All Fronts – Physical, Emotional And Financial. For This Excellent Gift, I Am Grateful To God, Pallav Ji For Blessing Me With This Miraculous Power. Reiki Has Bestowed Total Prosperity & Harmony In Life.
Ankit, 9716517040


My Name Is Kailash Gaur. I Am 60 Years Of Age And Residing At Sector-28. I Still Tremble With Fear When Recall Severe Pain In My Right Knee. I Had To Take Medical Treatment For About Six Months But There Was Not Much Relief. I Consulted My Bone Specialist. I Was Given Pain Killer Tablets, This Process Continued. At Last I Met My Reiki Guru, He Gave Me Treatment For Seven Days. On The Seventh Day There Was An Unbelievable Improvement. The Pain Subsides Slowly And Permanently. I Will Always Remain Grateful To My Reiki Master Pallav Sengupta And Above All The Almighty.
Ankit, 9899286307


I Entered The Field Of Reiki Only For The Purpose Of Healing But Now I’m Using Reiki In My Day To Day Life. Infact, Reiki Has Become A Part Of My Life. I Want Expand & Spread This Wonderful Energy Into The Whole Word. My Objective Of Learning Reiki And Becoming A Channel Is To Increase Energy And Educate Other About Reiki. PERFECT HOME HEALERS Is The Best Reiki Institute In India And Excellent Course Material & Brilliant Guidance Makes The Whole Experiences Worthwhile.
Sarita Nayyar


I Have Been Traveling From Delhi To Jaipur By Bus Since Last Six Years. The Bus Journey Takes About Six Hours. I Always Felt It Irritating While Traveling There Long Hours And Very Frequently Change My Sitting Postures To Make Myself Comfortable Ad When I Reached My Destination (Jaipur Or Delhi) I Felt Exhausted. It Is Only Recently, More Precisely After 21 Days Of Practicing REIKI, I Went To Jaipur 7 Days Back And Came Back Yesterday. My Journey Time Was Same Ie Six Hours Either Ways. But A Difference Was There. I Sat In A Single Posture And Remained At That In Six Hours Without Feeling Disturbed. I Was Perfectly Alright And Get Down From The Bus With The Same Energy With Which I Boarded The Bus At Delhi Or Jaipur. It Was A Great Experience. Thanks To Our Guide And Mentor Shri Pallav Sengupta Ji For Giving Us Such A Wonderful Gift.
.P. Ghatak, 09312524554


One Fine Morning When I Was Reading News Paper As Usual, I Found A Leaflet, This Was A Brochure, An Advertisement For The Reiki Classes Being Conducted In Ashirwad Hotel. I Approached The Organizer. Initially I Had Very Short Knowledge About Reiki And I Wanted To Know More About It. While Discussion I Came To Know So Many Thing Which Was Hard To Believe But I Made Up My Mind To Join This Course Despite Of My Busy Schedule. You Won't Believe After Completion Of The Course There Is Drastic Change In My Life. Since I Am In Finance-Taxation My Job Demands Lot Of Concentration, Calculation And Figure Work. Prior To Joining This Course I Use To Feel Very Tired After My Office Hours, But Now I Don't Feel Such Tiredness Anymore. I Just Charge Myself In The Morning After My Regular Puja And The Whole Day I Keep Myself Fresh And Energized. I Wear A Crystal Mala Which Has Great Affect. I Would Like To Share One Of My Experiences Of Distance Healing. My Sister-In-Law In Rajasthan Had Some Problems. She Insisted Me To Do Healing For Her, Normally We Chat On Yahoo And With Help Of Web Cam I Tried This As An Experiment, Believe Me I Succeeded. Just Login Into Yahoo Switched On The Camera And Asked Her To Remain In Front Of The PC. I Did The Distance Healing And Got Positive Results Within Half And Hour. I Would Also Like To Share One More Experience. In The Year 1994 I Met With An Accident On Two Wheeler, Though By The Grace Of God I Was Safe With Minor Injuries To My Wrist. Which Later On Pathologically Proved To Be Ligament Damage. This Did Not Affect My Daily Life But In Winters I Experience Little Bit Pain. These Days I Am Simply Healing My Wrist And Now I Can Lift Dumbbells And Do Push Ups During My Regular Exercise. I Shall Remain Thankful And Obliged To My Guru Shri Pallav Sengupta Through Out My Life.
Bhaskar Sinha, 9910000155


I Was A Successful Businessmen. I Was Doing Well And Targeted Towards My Goal. But Slowly & Slowly My Understanding Abilities Was Withdrawing. I Could Not Concentrate On My Work And I Got A Headache On A Regular Basis. I Contacted Doctor And He Give Me Few Test To Be Done, And To My Dismay Brain Tumor Was Detected. I Got The Shock Of My Life And Was Now Depressed And In-Tention. Pain Increased Up To The Unbearable Stage, Black Spots Under My Eyes Started To A Appear. I Started To Vomit Usually And Even Get Fainted. Doctors Were Giving Medicines To Control The Disease But Time Was Passing And No Improvement Was Shown In My MRI Reports. Then Doctors Suggested Immediate Surgery. I Was Distressed And Fearful, Then From One Of My Relative (One Of The Person Believer In Reiki) I Came To No About Reiki And Reiki Master Pallav Sengupta Ji. He Was Very Boost Full About Pallav Ji And His Healing Techniques. I Immediately Contacted Him And Started Getting The Wonderful Healing From Him And To Every Body’s Shock, From The Very First Healing I Started The Improved I Was Taking The Medicines, Prescribed By My Doctors And Side By Side I Was Taking The Healing From Pallav Ji. In Just Three And A Half Months I Had A Tremendous Improvement In My Disease And My Tumor Was Under Control. My Surgery Was Bypassed And Things Have Changed For Ever Since Then. After Eight Months Of Combined Therapies Now There Are No Traces Of Tumor. I Got A New Life. A Very Big Heart Full Thanks To Reiki And Reiki Master Mr.Pallav Sengupta Ji (Now My Guru) And Lots And Lots Of Love And Good Wishes To Him. May God Bless Him With More Powers And Happiness To Him.


My Son Is Suffering From Sinus By Birth. And All The Family Was In Tension About This. We Have Done All What We Can Do, Visited Doctors, Homeopaths And All Others That We Can. But The Situation Could Not Improve A Bit. Rather My Son’s Condition Worsened As He Grew Older. His Nose Became Acutely Sensitive That He Could Not Touch It. Than We Came To Know About Perfect Home Healers From One Of My Friends. My Friend Told Me That I Must Consult Them In This Matter. We Decided To Give Reiki Also A Try. And That Is The Day Which I Believe Is The Most Important Day In My Son’s Life. After 10 Days Of Treatment The Situation Improved A Lot And After Fifteen Days My Son Eat Ice-Cream For The First Time In His Life. This I Call A Miracle Of Reiki. I Shall Remain Thankful To Reiki Master Mr.Pallav Sengupta Throughout My Life For Giving My Son His Normal Life Back.
Sanjay Kumar, 9212154901


On 15 Jan 2009, I Had Gone To My Neighbour's House For The Treatment Of My Aunt. After Some Time When I Was Just Treating Her There Was A Call Of Her Daughter And She Was Having High BP. Her Daughter Is Pregnant And My Aunt Was Very Tense. So I Had Told My Aunt To Give Me Her Any Photograph. After Getting The Photograph I Had Cleared Her Aura With Dowser And Tell My Aunt To Call Her And Let Me Talk To Her. When I Had Took The Receiver And Told Her To Just Keep Her Eyes Close, Focus On Her God And Unless And Until I Would Say Stop, Keep On Focusing. At That Time I Catched The Frequency Through The Phone And Started Dowsing With My Dowser. After A Few Minutes I Told Her To Stop And Asked Her How She Was Feeling. It Was Really A Surprise For Me And As Well For My Aunt That Her B.P Came To Normal Level And Still Remained Normal. This Was My First Experience Through Dowser By Distant Healing. On 18 Jan 2009, I Came From Outside At About 8 P.M, I Was Told That The Pendant Of My Pet (Crazy, German Shepherd) Is Misplaced. We Started Searching It Everywhere In The House With The Help Of Dowser. I Asked Dowser To Tell Me Whether The Pendant Is In House Or Not. Dowser Replied That It Is In The House.. Then I Asked Is The Pendant In The Drawing Room, Dining Room, Bed Rooms, Kitchen, Lobby, Lawn Etc, The Dowser Replied That It Is In The Lawn. I Search The Lawn And Found It In The Corner Near The Plant. I Will Always Be Grateful To My Guru Pallav Sengupta For Introducing Me To This Wonderful Science Of Dowsing.


I Was Suffering From Pain In Right KNEE For The Last About Six Month And Pain Was Increasing Slowly-Slowly And Day By Day. I Was Taking Pain Killers Regularly As Advised By Doctors. It Was Surprising That On The 24th February 2009 When I Got Up In The Morning I Was Having Swear Pain And It Was Difficult For Me To Move Or Walk Freely, Some Body Has To Support Me For Walking Etc, But Next Day It Was Difficult For Me Even To Go Toilet Etc And Some Body Has To Help Me For The Purpose. On 25th February I Went To The Doctor And After Checking He Prescribed To Take Medicine For Three Months. If After Three Months The Problem Was Not Solved, The Doctor Advised For The Operation For The Change Of KNEECAP Which Is Costly And Pain Full Affair. My Son Anil Nayyar Who Was MASTER REIKI HEALER ,I Asked Him For The Treatment Of My Knee. For Few Days He Gave The Reiki Healing And I Was Relived Little From Pain But Not Fully. He Advised Me That The Knee Has To Be Operated And Knee Cap Has To Be Replaced .He Asked Me For The Date Of Operation Which Should Be As Early As Possible I Asked Him To Operate The Knee On Thursday The 26th March 2009,At About 4 Pm He Operated My KNEE And Replaced The KNEE CAP .Daily He Was Giving Healing And On 30th March He Removed The Bandage And I Was Feeling Very Free And Started Going To The Temple In The Evening. I Am Surprised To Know And See That SURGERY Is Also Possible In Reiki Science, I Pray The Reiki Should Flow Very Much , Thanks Reiki .
Sita Nayyar


I Got A Problem Of MIGRAIN For The Last 15 Years. I Got Checked At Dhanbad And Accordingly The Doctor Prescribed The Medicine And Injection But It Seems That They Are Of Little Help In The Pain. The Duration Of This Attack Was Two Or Three Months. In 1993 My Father Got Me Checked In Hospital And I Took The Medicine For A Long Time, About 3-4 Months And I Got Relieved For A Long Period. But It Again Started After Few Years. During The Problem, I Feel Severe Headache Vomit Profusely And After Taking Prescribed Medicine And Ejection I Used To Get Relived . The Procedure Continued For Years To. In February 2008 One Of My Husband’s Friend Told Us That There Is An Ayurveda Hakim Who Can Treat This Problem . I Took The Ayurveda Medicine For About 5 Months And I Got Positive Results But To My Surprise The Problem Returned Again In Dec 2008 And I Got Two Severe Attacks. I Started The Same Procedure Of Doctors In Dhanbad. In Jan 2009 My Brother Mr Anil Nayyar, Who Is Having A REIKI Degree Course, Told Me About The REIKI Healing And In Feb 2009 He Started Giving Distance Healing From Faridabad. After That Healing Sessions My Pains Got Reduced Majorly And I Did Not Have A Severe Attack Though I Got Minor Pains. I Informed This To My Brother And He Started To Give Me Phone Healing. To My Surprise I Got Relieved From Pain Immediately. This Procedure Continued Till 15 April 2009. By This Healing My Migraine Problem Is Almost Over. With The Amazing Results Of Those REIKI Sessions I And My Husband Were Attracted And Curious About Reiki Science. Than My Brother Suggested Me That I Do 1st And 2nd Degree Course. I Took His Suggestions Seriously And Did My Ist & II Degree From Perfect Home Healers Under The Guidance Of Mr. Pallav Sengupta, International Reiki Master. Now I Am An Advance Reiki Healer And Thank My Brother Anil Nayyar, A Master Reiki Healer For Introducing Me To This Incredible Science And Mr. Pallav Sengupta, International Reiki Master For His Guidance And Logical Insights On This Omnipresent Power.


I Was Severely Suffering From Migraine Attacks From As Long As Seven Years. The More I Took Medicines And Treatments The More It Became Progressively Worst. Worst Is Actually A Small Word As Compared To My Severe Migraine. From An Extra Bright Perfectionist Girl I Switched On To A Gloomy Depressed Girl Who Talked Only About Misfortunes, Difficulties, Problems And A No Use Attitude. I Went Deeper & Deeper Into My Shell Of Depression. My Health Started To Fall. I Was Loosing My Hairs Regularly. Looking At My Condition, An Old And Dear Friend Of Mine Told Me About Reiki. My First Word Was NO USE. And I Gave No Importance To It, Believing That It Could Not Be Possible. My Condition Deteriorated Day By Day. In The Mean Time Twice Or Thrice I Heard About Reiki. It Was Really Impossible To Believe That Without Any Medicines, Yoga, Physio-Therapy Techniques One Can Get Healed. Finally My Family Members Got Too Much Disturbed From My Attitude, Behavior And Depression And Started To Drift Away From Me. Then I Had No Other Option But To Try Reiki. I Went To My Friend, Apologized For Not Listening Her And Asked For Help. She Introduced Me To Reiki Master Pallav Sengupta Ji, Who Told Me Few Things Which I Could Not Believe At That Time But Followed. He Suggested Me That I Should Get Attuned With Reiki. I Obeyed Pallav Ji And Got My Self Registered In The Upcoming Session. When I Attended The Reiki Session, Moment By Moment I Was Realizing That Just By Listening Him I Was Changing My Body And My Mind Was Responding To My Thought Which Were Actually Governed By Shri Pallav Ji And Till The End Of The Session Miracle Happened. All My Migraine Was Gone As It Was Never There And Since Then I Have Never Got It Back Again. I Am Now A Master Reiki Healer. There Are Very Few People Who Work For Removing The Pain Of Other And Bringing Happiness In There Lives. May God Fulfill All His Desires.